Wardrobe Stylist Course

The online wardrobe stylist course will teach you the skills you need to provide bespoke wardrobe styling services for the following: individuals and celebrities, TV commercials, special events, the media industry, music videos, editorial & copywriting. The wardrobe stylist course has been designed by industry insiders with a wealth of knowledge and experience. View all the beautiful fashion stories we made possible.

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Our online wardrobe stylist course includes relevant topics:

The Wardrobe Stylist Course – Course 4

When you complete the wardrobe stylist course, you will be able to master the followings:

• Understand how to create countless outfits with items in your client’s wardrobe.
• Master the art of creating stylish outfits that suit your client’s body shape and style personality.
• Understand how to create fashionable outfits for creative projects.
• Master the style tricks of clothing shapes.
• Conduct wardrobe styling session for individuals or commercials.
• Research, apply fashion trends and communicate it well among your clients.

Course duration: 7-10 weeks. We let you study at your own pace. Our training adapts to your lifestyle and schedule.

The Wardrobe Stylist Programme

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• History of Western Fashion
• Fashion versus Style
• Being a stylist

Exercise 1 (Questions & Answers)

  • Step 1: Sorting out
  • Step 2: Review
  • Step 3: Assessment
  • Step 4: Reorganisation
  • Exercise 1: Questions and Answers
  • Exercise 2: Questions and Answers
  • Exercise 3: Questions and Answers
  • The Basic Tops
  • The Stylish Tops
  • The Warm Tops
  • The Outwears
  • The Jeans
  • The Trousers
  • The Skirts
  • The Dresses
  • The Jewelleries
  • The Handbags
  • The Belts
  • The Scarves
  • Hosiery
  • The Shoes
  • The Swimwear
  • The Sunglasses
  • The Hats
  • The hourglass
  • The pear
  • The rectangle
  • The inverted triangle
  • The apple/diamond
  • The classic
  • The casual
  • The glamorous
  • The bohemian
  • The edgy
  • The fashion forward
  • The eccentric
  • The deep
  • The light
  • The bright
  • The muted
  • The warm
  • The cool
  • Colour combinations
  • Versatile clothes
  • Using accessories/shoes to create different looks
  • Create a look around a bold & stylish piece
  • Exercise 4: Questions and Answers
  • Preparation
  • Day of commercial
  • Post commercial
  • Your wardrobe styling assessment: fashion portfolio
  • How to do conduct a wardrobe styling session

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By purchasing this training course, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to our terms & conditions.
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