The Success Stories of our fashion students!

We train aspiring stylists around the world to conquer their ambitions and achieve success in the fashion industry. If you are interested in becoming a fashion stylist, colour consultant, wardrobe stylist or personal shopper, our fashion training academy will put you on the right path. Many of our trained fashion stylists used to think fashion was just a hobby, they never thought it could be an actual skill and that people would trust them so deeply.

Many just never had the confidence. Before they found fashion, many were working in jobs they didn’t LOVE and knowing they wanted something different, but not being sure how to take the first step. Then, they met us and we wanted to share a few stories with you.

The fashion story of Monica Zelinkova  

Monica is a beautiful model, legal interpreter, jeweller and a super mum . She was looking for a professional online fashion course that could fit with a busy lifestyle. She chose us for our ongoing support, mentoring and career opportunities. She loves fashion art and good style. She is on her way to fulfil her dream of becoming a fashion stylist. Check out her beautiful Facebook Page.

The fashion story of Esohe Ebohon

Esohe is an accomplished fashion stylist (Expertise in styling, colour styling, wardrobe styling & personal shopping). Esohe is one of our graduated fashion stylists. She has successfully styled many women through her training and has worked on several fashion editorials. We gave her the confidence she needed to approach new territories and now she is totally confident. She has become more creative and is able to work professionals with various needs. We also gave her the opportunities to attend shows during London Fashion Week. During London Fashion Week, she styled beautiful models backstage. She created Stylierge: Esohe “Thank you for the prep talk for the commercial shoot. I know I would never in a million years have done this if you hadn’t pushed me to do it because my first reaction was no. I really love it and I am really proud. Esohe is now a fashion editorial stylist.

The fashion story of Prashanthi Rajan 

She loves fashion as much as music.  “This is Prashanthi from India. I just finished ‘The Personal Shopper’ course with the 3 colours rule academy. After finishing this course, I have so much confidence in saying that I am a certified personal shopper! Topics covered are too good.
Sophie Edwards, thank you so much for your prompt replies! You made me feel super comfortable. Studying the given materials, taking up the tests plus doing a little bit of your own research is going to give you so much of knowledge and confidence. I highly recommend this course!”

We hope that a new personal shopper career will help her pursue her music career.

The fashion story of Olga Shevtsova

Olga is practicing stylist, image designer and  future consultant. She loves making fancy things and she bets she can make look you gorgeous. She graduated from the British fashion styling academy “3 Colours Rule”. She cooperates with fine clients from Ukraine and Romania (online and in real life). She loves fashion, fabrics, colours, different styles and she likes to cooperate with designers from different countries and cultures.

The fashion story of Alexandra Jimenez

Alexandra Jimenez lives in Los Angeles, USA and she is a global trotter who loves fashion. She chose our online fashion styling training programme to fit her lifestyle and follow her fashion career pursuit. She developed her passion for fashion through her travels across Europe and the rest of the world.

Through our support, Suzann met Lucy Choi, the niece of Jimmy Choo (Source: Suzann’s Instagram)

The fashion story of Suzann Kumar

“I am a freelance fashion stylist and personal shopper and fashion blog for Hello! magazine online. I met Flavilla at a fashion event and loved everything about her and company. Her passion and flair for what she does matched mine. Afterwards, I decided to enrol on one of her courses, to learn more about how she works.” She will soon be launching her new website Suzan is also a fashion writer and fashion blogger for Hello Magazine!

The fashion story of Nadia Khivrych

Nadia was meant for fashion. She is gorgeous and intelligent (photos below). She is a professional model and has worked on many fashion commercials shoots. She was ready to explore another side of the fashion world and chose our fashion training academy to become her professional fashion stylist. Check out her beautiful facebook page. 

The fashion story of Alexandra Vrabelova

Alexandra Vrabelova (on the picture below) lives in Slovakia. When she contacted us, she was already running a fantastic jewellery business. She was looking for a fashion stylist course which offered flexibility to adapt to her busy schedule. She has a natural talent for fashion and style. She is among our most talented fashion stylists. She can now grow further her fashion career with these new set of skills. Visit her website here. She has over +8000 Facebook followers, click here.

The fashion story of Amaju Ogun

“I chose 3 Colours Rule because I recently completed a mini fashion course by Flavilla and after completing the course I was left with a stronger desire to study more about personal styling. After the course I did some subsequent research on different stylist courses out there, however, no other course (in my opinion) was a match to 3 Colours Rule,  it just seemed like the perfect fit, I love the support that 3 Colours Rule provide. I currently work in luxury fashion retail within customer services and I really enjoy interacting with clients and being part of their buying decisions. I am a friendly, warm, compassionate and creative individual who is always striving for self-development. My ambition is to one day become a personal stylist for women in all walks of life and empower them in the process.”

The fashion story of Krystle Foster

Krystle lives in Washington, USA and chose to study fashion styling with 3 Colours Rule in order to pursue a more fulfilling career. We love the fact that we can reach aspiring fashion stylists across the world and support their dreams. Our training includes ongoing support on how to launch a successful business and so much more.

The fashion story of Käthe Nilsson

Käthe lives in Sweden and has a natural flair for great style and fashion. She came to us to perfection her colour skills. Since then, she has been featured in various newspaper and is fully living her fashion dreams. Click here to view her blog.

The fashion story of Damilola Lasiri-Agiri

We offered Damilola the opportunity to style Sam Benjamin, a British actor, known for his roles in Sky One’s Little Crackers with John Bishop, BBC’s ‘Doctors’ and ‘Old Jack’s Boat’ alongside Doctor Who stars Freema Aygeman and Bernard Cribbins. She needed to find the perfect grey suit for Sam’s lead role in Double Cross movie. It was a success, she found his perfect grey suit for the movie. Movie coming out soon! She also now works for The Chapar as a menswear stylist.

“Thank you so much! Sam looked extremely slick in his suit! It’s been an awesome day and it’s been great meeting and working with Sam! Can’t wait to see the movie!!” -Damilola

We gave Damilola the opportunity to work with Sam Benjamin, the rising British actor, as his fashion stylist for his new movie.

The fashion story of Aida Quez

Aida Quez lives in Germany. She wanted to transform a love for fashion into a real job. So she chose 3 Colours Rule Fashion Training Academy to get the professional skills she needed. She is about to become a fantastic fashion blogger. Visit her beautiful Instagram page

We inspired Jana to report on Slovakia Fashion Week as our fashion correspondent. Click here to read her first fashion article. We were proud to publish it.  

The fashion story of Jana Seckarova

Jana who lives in Slovakia and was looking for a professional online fashion training with a real support. She came across 3 Colours Rule Fashion Academy and took the full training programme. Jana is a great writer and is planning to revolutionise how we see fashion in Slovakia, “I’m enjoying the courses and thank you very much for helping me as always. I found very interesting the history of colours”

The fashion story of Silvia Titi 

“I was looking for a personal shopping course online that was professional, fun and not too expensive at the same time and I found 3 Colours Rule. They are very professional, caring, fun and I’m learning a lot. I have been a solicitor then a full-time mum and I’m now ready for a big change: a career in something I really like and I am good at. I would like to become a professional personal shopper and I’m setting up my own business.”

The fashion story of Helena Hutchinson

Helena Hutchinson is originally from Brazil and lives in Monaco. She was looking a fashion training with a great mentoring programme. At the same time, she wanted a course that will help her improve her English and she found 3 Colours Rule. Helena said: “Thank youuuuuu. So happy to have my dreams come true :-)))))”. She travels between London, Monaco, Brazil and around the world. We were glad we could support Helena follow her passion for travel and fashion. Visit Helena Facebook Page

The fashion story of Renata Aron

Renata Aron was graduated in Financial Management and Graphic Design, with over 12 years experience in finance and marketing.

She decided after many years to dedicate some of her passions: fashion and style.  She has always been fascinated by this universe. Buying, buying and buying, but even so, looking in the wardrobe, she has the feeling of “nothing to wear”. Thus was born her business. With specialization in Image Consulting and Color Analysis, AICI members, she believes that fashion exists to make people more beautiful and confident. Her proposal is to teach each customer to choose your personal style and looks compositions, that value your silhouette, develop a wardrobe aligned to your needs, shop more assertive and feel inspired every day.

The fashion story of Tjikee Vihanga

« I’m all about women empowering, the reason I want to style women is that I believe that clothes give power. A small change like clothes will change your whole world. Help women to grow self-confidence, and also to learn how to love themselves »

The fashion story of Dhenny Dagos

Dhenny lives in the Philippines and chose us 3 Colours Rule Fashion for the professionalism of our training and the lifetime support we offer. Dhenny is a fashion writer for VogueFlair. Read his latest fashion articles. Dhenny says “In my simplest I’m an advocate of style in all fashion senses. I love the value of commitment and appreciate the importance of balance. Happiness has always been my life’s virtue and actions are my medium to express the essence of living it to the fullest. I also believe that everyone is fashionable but one needs proper research to be stylish.”

The fashion story of Alyssa Haines

Alyssa is a former model with a background in business, marketing, and retail industry. When she started her career as a fashion stylist, she needed some support to find a professional stylist to learn with. She successfully passed the 4 courses of 3 Colours Rule, where she found everything she needed to set her career as a fashion stylist. Next steps? Being known and recognized as an editorial and catalog fashion stylist. Emily Bark and Patricia Bright are one of her fashion influences.

“My goal is to work as a fashion stylist. I would want to be known as an editorial, catalog and fashion show stylist and I need a good team.”


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