Personal Shopper Course

We combine theory, practice and guidance to help you be the best professional personal shopper. This online personal shopper course will teach you how to offer personal shopping services to clients in need of your fashion expertise. Whether shopping for a celebrity client, performing full style makeovers and wardrobe revamps, styling weddings, dates, or special events, we will teach you how to provide each service with confidence and professionalism. View all the beautiful fashion stories we made possible.

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Our online personal shopper course includes relevant topics:

The Personal Shopper Course – Course 3

When you complete the personal shopper course, you will be able to master the followings:

•Know how to find items that suit clients with different body shapes, complexion and style personalities.
•Style your clients & advice stylish outfits while shopping.
•Build relationships with brands for your clients benefits.
•Understand how to keep yourself updated with the collections available in different stores.
•Research, apply fashion trends and communicate them well.

Course duration: 7-10 weeks. We let you study at your own pace. Our training adapts to your lifestyle and schedule.

The Personal Shopper Programme

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  • Facts & her needs
  • Managing her expectations
  • Step 1: Research
  • Step 2: Analysis
    • What is her body shape?
    • What is her style personality?
    • To which colour group does she correspond?
    • What is her budget?
  • Step 3: Pre-selection
  • Exercise 1: Questions & Answers
  • The Basic Tops
  • The Stylish Tops
  • The Warm Tops
  • The Outwear
  • The Jeans
  • The Trousers
  • The Skirts
  • The Dresses
  • The Jewelleries
  • The Handbags
  • The Belts
  • The Scarves
  • Hosiery
  • The Shoes
  • The Swimwear
  • The Sunglasses
  • The Hats
  • The List
  • Time
  • In the store: observe, suggest and select
  • The fitting rooms
  • How to create outfits while in the fitting room?
  • How to shop for the latest fashion trends?
  • Exercise 2: Questions & Answers
  • Exercise 3: Questions & Answers

Building strong relationships with brands provide many advantages.

  • Your assignment: your fashion portfolio
  • Conduct a personal shopping session

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By purchasing this training course, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to our terms & conditions.
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