Fashion Stylist Course

The real secret to successfully launch your fashion stylist career is through a professional training on style which combines theory & practice and support throughout and after your training. This is what we offer. The fashion stylist course is the most important course as it covers in details the fundamentals of fashion and style. View all the beautiful fashion stories we made possible.

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Our online fashion stylist course includes relevant topics:

The Fashion Stylist Course – Course 1

When you successfully complete your fashion stylist course, you’ll be able to master the followings:

• Style the different female body shapes
• Create a capsule wardrobe for different style personalities
• Build client confidence
• Create stylish outfits for your clients
• Master the style tricks of clothing shapes
• Create a fashion blog with great fashion outfits and attract more followers
• Conduct individual and group consultation
• Research, apply fashion trends and communicate them well.

Course duration: 8-14 weeks – We let you study at your own pace. Our training adapts to your lifestyle and schedule.

The Fashion Stylist Programme

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• History of Western Fashion
• Fashion versus Style
• Being a stylist

Exercise 1 (Questions & Answers)

  • The female body shapes and their characteristics
  • Identify her body shape – How to measure her body shape?
  • The fundamentals of styling each shape
  • Exercise 2 (Questions & Answers)
  • The shapes of fashion
  • The Tops
    • Shapes
    • Cardigans
    • Strapless styles
    • Necklines
    • Straps
    • Stripes
    • Sleeves
  • The dresses & skirts
  • The trousers
  • The rises
  • The jackets & outwears
  • The accessories
  • The shoes
  • The underwear
  • The fabrics
  • Exercise 3 (Questions & Answers)
  • Exercise 4 (Questions & Answers)
  • Exercise 5 (Questions & Answers)
  • Exercise 6 (Questions & Answers)
  • The Hourglass
  • The Pear
  • The Rectangle
  • The Inverted Triangle
  • The Apple
  • The Petite
  • Vertical Body Shape
  • Create stylish & versatile outfits
  • Exercise 7 (Questions & Answers)
  • The Style Personalities
  • The Classic
  • The Casual
  • The Bohemian
  • The Edgy
  • The Lady
  • The Glamorous
  • The Fashion Forward
  • The Eccentric
  • The Retro
  • Exercise 8 (Questions & Answers)

How to choose the right colours and create the perfect colour combinations for clients from different colour group.

  • The Deep
  • The Light
  • The Bright
  • The Muted
  • The Warm
  • The Cool
  • Image perception
  • Source of body issues
  • Improving her confidence
  • Advising on problem areas
  • Your styling assessment: your fashion portfolio
  • Conduct a styling consultation

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By purchasing this training course, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to our terms & conditions.
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