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Men’s Fashion Week June 2019

June is the season for Men’s fashion week! This time it has a different taste, introducing a sense of zen in fashion. Designers from several brands show their creativity as well as appreciation towards nature, climate and everyday mundanity in their own way. Sometimes through the innocence of boyhood or the feeling of nostalgia. To know what has happened in men’s fashion world is important for you who follow men’s fashion trends, but it also inspires us in thinking about women’s fashion styles.

Louis Vuitton


Virgil Abloh, creative director of Louis Vuitton, showcased his botanical sense. Followers and gardening were central to the collections. Audiences witnessed a hat woven from blooms, a bag constructed with wildflowers and Suits had trousers with embroidered flowers up the leg. He used them as a “naturally occurring metaphor for diversity”.


Photo ©Vogue

In addition to these collections inspired by horticulture,  he left something remarkable. He introduced skirts and dresses to his collection. A model wore pastel tie-dye chiffon blouse and trousers delicately printed with the Louis Vuitton monogram. This showed a gender-fluid feel. We notice that he provoke something in menswear questioning the way men dress up. He has created a new move.


Photo ©Vogue


Hedi Slimane, creative director of Celine, collaborating with David Kramer, who is the American artist, brought the fresh take on nostalgia to the Paris fashion week. Unlike women’s collection, they tried to propose authentic 1970’s. Flared trousers which came in denim, leather, black etc. dominate most silhouettes in the collection worn with sneakers and cropped jackets. 



Styled with rock-star hair and aviators and double-breasted blazers with high-waisted bottoms or slimline dungarees, they all created classic rock looks in California where he got inspirations. Also, a black suit with a red open-neck shirt reminds us of John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever.  

Photo ©vogue


Silvia Venturini Fendi, creative director of Fendi also likes to garden. Fendi held its show in the beautiful garden in Milan. In collaboration with the film director, Luca Guadagnino, she added an extra flourish to its collections. She stated, “the feeling and spirit of wanting to be connected to nature now is stronger than ever before.” Olive drab outerwear with detachable pockets and short-sleeved, vest in botanical-print, and the wide-brimmed Bruce Chatwin, all are inspired by nature.