Here you are. Fashion has always taken a special place in your life and you’re now ready to work as a fashion stylist? Here are 7 things you need to know before launching your next (successful) fashion career.

1 –Why do you want to be a fashion stylist?

Before all, the first thing you need to do is to think about what you want to do and why you’re interested in this job. What will you make you wake up every morning to work hard in order to achieve what you want to build? The fashion stylist career has a lot of advantages, but you’ll also have to face some struggles. The reasons why it’s your dream job are yours. If you have a clear vision of your objectives, you’ll be able to achieve amazing things!

2- Learn with professionals

It can seem obvious, but the thing is, the more you can learn, the more you can earn! Apply for internships wherever you can. Take drawing courses if drawing sketches, dresses or shoes is not your strongest skill. Do your best and take the opportunity to have lessons with experts, to reinforce your knowledge or learn the essential points of a fashion stylist… like we can provide! The most famous artistic directors of the biggest haute couture brands rarely learned by themselves… they also took classes or worked with designers as well!

If you want to be an effective fashion stylist, you’ll definitely need to do how to sew as well. Understanding body shapes and types of patterns is a thing, but creating the clothes and modeling it is another thing! A good stylist is someone who knows how to sew, to be able to explain every technical detail to a designer. You must understand how clothes are made as well. Without these achievements, you’re not a stylist but a draftsman or draftswoman.

3- You’ll have to invest in your branding

The Branding represents all the concepts hidden behind your brand or your image. It represents, more generally, all the actions you’ll settle to make your business known to people, especially your future customers. It’s also the identity you create to make your brand unique and yours: colours, logo, website, social media design… Will you be a fancy stylist creating a sportswear line for young girls? Or will you create a formal collection for senior men? It’s up to you, but your image has to fit with your brand identity.

Branding also means communicate! To launch your own company, you’ll definitely need to invest in it. If nobody knows who you are, how will you be supposed to sell your creations? We recommend investing at least 12% of your budget for your marketing and communications actions during the first three years of your fashion career. It’s a big investment, but a needed one!

Last but not least: when we google your name, what can we find about you? Make sure to show a professional image of you. Nobody will take you seriously if we only find pictures of you enjoying a margarita on a beach…

4 – Follow your inspirations, but don’t forget to be realistic!

You may have an overflowing imagination but… don’t forget to still be realistic! Your creations must fit with technical specifications such as patterns, or sizes. Also, you’ll have to connect your ideas with the reality and trends of the markets. Last, know your targets: a customer that wants to be dressed in Balmain will definitely not be the same as another that that only swears by Chanel! Fashion is quite different in the countries. Cultures are not the same and you’ll need to adapt yourself with this.

5 – You’ll face to idle times, but that’s the game

There will have some periods called ‘idle times’, where customers don’t buy clothes that much. Take an example with September, the back-to-school season. It’s all normal and it won’t be your fault! Summer is one of the best seasons to sell clothing, thanks to many events you can find around: weddings, ceremonies, festivals… an ideal time to express your creativity and find opportunities to find new clients!

6- Prospecting, again and again

A fashion stylist career is not only imagining creations. It’s also a huge part of prospecting, and networking, like every business would do! Attend fashion events, don’t forget to bring your portfolio and visit cards, and take time to exchange with people. Who knows, you can inspire one of them during a meeting…

7 – Be ready to do some sacrifices


Imagine that your next fashion career is a treasure. You want this treasure, from the bottom of your heart. Would you search for it twice a week? Absolutely not. Even if you need to manage some time to take care of yourself, be aware that launching a new business, a new company is a project that involves taking some time on it. Choose the formula that fits the most with your aspirations…

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