This week Monki launches an exclusive menstrual cup together with Lunette. The collaboration is part of the Scandinavian fashion brand’s ongoing work to empower women and end period stigma.


For the launch of this collaboration Monki teamed up with director Arvida Bystrom to create three short films featuring three women who share their personal stories.  The women featured are musician and activist Madame Gandhi, activist and model Juliet Atto and author and blogger Flora Wistrom who share their honest and personal stories about using the cup.


As part of the collaboration, Monki will together with Lunette, donate 6000 menstrual cups to the Cup Foundation, a non-profit organisation with a mission to educate and empower girls living in challenging environments in Kenya, by giving them life skills, training and access to menstrual cups.


The Monki edition of the Lunette cup is available in the limited edition colour pink and will come with an exclusive pouch. The menstrual cup is sold in selected Monki stores and online, along with a set of pins and two statement briefs.


3 Colours Rule supports this initiative <3


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