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Theo VII Studio AW17


Autumn/Winter 2017 takes its inspirations from Shamanism, a practice that involves a practitioner reaching altered states of consciousness in order to interact with the spirit world and channelling these transcendental energies into this world. A Shaman has access to, and influences in the world of good and evil spirits, practising divination and healing to help people around them. The THEO VII STUDIO’s curiosity was ignited from the very beginning of their research especially the Shamans supernatural world, their dress, accessories and headwear, their rituals and rich cultural histories are one of a kind. THEO VII STUDIO explored their stories and created a series of intricate pieces inspired by this.

Every ritual they perform and each place they travel, they leave marks on their robes to celebrate their wealth in knowledge and experience. Each Shaman’s robe tells a unique story depending on their background. They worship and adore all living things and animals. They are adorned with fabrics and animal skin, fur, skulls, horns, and feathers believing each of these elements give them power and help them enter the realm of another world.

In this collection, THEO VII STUDIO’s exploration path studies the elements that make their clothing so unique including the multiple versions of fringing, the length and colour, with each strip representing the places they have travelled to in the world. The Shamans have mirrors and many delicate silver accessories adorning their robes, THEO VII STUDIO has reinvented this detail by using reflective sequins and beading technique to create a rich and 3D effect within the collection.

The colour palette for Autumn/Winter 2017 is rich and autumnal with warm and powerful tones combined with heavier, darker cooler shades.


Co-founded by three designers; Miao Ho, Yui Ding and Tan Xue Yi in 2015, Theo VII STUDIO works at breaking barriers between gender. The concept is creating a harmony between menswear and womenswear elements. To this end, the designers pursue the application of a rational aesthetic which, when implemented, acts as a fusion of particular garment patterns, techniques, fun and the spirit of exploration.

The aesthetic of the label’s ‘combination between womenswear and menswear’ was set because the co- founders are from womenswear and menswear respectively. Their aesthetic offers a balance between sensibility and reason. The research interests of Yui Ding lie in the area of interpreting the beauty, which hides from artistic and modest forms, and based on these she creates and has expertise in exquisite printing patterns and colour palette in her design. Miao Hu focuses on structure and the complexity of her pattern making and Tan designs aesthetic revolves around deconstruction of pattern and fabrics, loose fitted silhouettes, and diverse techniques.