Name: Monica Zelin
Previous job: Fashion Sales Manager before maternity leave… then many little part-time jobs while raising my children.
Family: Son (4 years old), Daughter (6 years old)

Why do you want to become a fashion stylist?

I love everything about fashion. I felt like I had to take my long term experience in the fashion industry to another level and in a slightly different, more creative direction. Therefore I chose this academy to help me develop more skills to become a qualified Professional in Fashion Industry.

What do you think to differentiate yourself from the others stylists?

When I decided to become a stylist slightly over a year ago, I had been scouted over Instagram by a Classic Fashion model Agency at the age of 34. As everyone in the Fashion Industry knows, fashion models usually retire from the age of 25 unless of course, you are a Kate Moss! Building my model portfolio and working on different fashion shoots gave me an advantage in Fashion Styling as now I am able to give more direction to models on set. Especially the ones starting new and fresh. 
I am now at the beginning of two of my careers which is very challenging. But I love every minute of it and I am so determined to achieve my goals!  It’s a lot of hard work.  I want everyone who is trying to make it in creative world to know that patience, focus and determination will get you there! Just keep on going with as much passion and positive attitude as you can! 

How do you imagine your fashion stylist life?

Everything is still in progress now. I do have a vision but keep it for myself at this moment. My family is the most important thing to me but I definitely want my creative work to give me the chance to be able to travel around the world for my jobs in the future when my children are a bit older.

What are your 3 favourites colours?

Red, Blue, White

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