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Nothing is more familiar than blue denim. Its place in culture and his­tory, as well as in our wardrobes, is as firmly defined as its unwavering presence on the streets of every city in the world. Denim is at the core of our ideology and continues to act as a canvas for our experimentation.  Collection 008 is about denim on denim — woven denim with a self- referential surface. A sense of duality runs through each look, with seemingly polar sensibilities appearing and disappearing like the illu­sion of light and dark. What we see and what we perceive is often sub­ject to the abstraction of context.


This season is about the oscillation of our understandings. Structure and surface. Vulgarity and elegance. Organism and object. What not so long seemed the height of ugliness and ostentation — crystal-covered, overtly-washed, logo-monogrammed denim — is revisited with a new perspec­tive. Organic-like Swarovski crystal rock formations take the place of diamanté lettering to create an object that is akin to sculpture. Else­where, hand-weaving and ancient ikat techniques are treated with in­novative digital printing and hand-dyeing.

The show is a nod to Vanessa Beecroft’s Sister Calender (2000) which echoes our own fascination with repetition that was inspired by Joseph Kosuth’s One and Three Chairs (1965). Faustine Steinmetz is a permanent study of denim as a medium.

Alongside the creative collaborator Georgia Pendlebury and set de­signer Thomas Petherick, we have built dioramas of all-blue mise-en-scène, each one the same format in order to elaborate ont heir constant variation of a singular theme.