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Teatum Jones is a fashion label driven by a love of human stories… This is Scotland’s Human Story; This is Teatum Jones’ open letter to Scotland; “We love you because you top the league ahead of the rest of the UK and Europe, in the legal protection you offer lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people.1 We love you because you gave us the grit and reality of Sgaire, Tina, Lewis, Connor, Misha, Declan, Hayden and Elina (names of people in the film), who generously shared with us their personal stories and experiences. A group of inspiring young artists, designers, poets and musicians who reminded us of the collective prize we all win from being fearless, open and accepting of difference. And to be honest, who really gives a f*** anyway’.”


Teatum Jones have created a film… to be showcased throughout the show. The aim of creating this film is to give a creative, positive and aspirational voice to the subject of human diversity, with Scotland being the leading example, and to demonstrate that Teatum Jones is a fashion label inspired by poignant human stories.

Patterns are… inspired by the likes of Scotland’s Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s romantic water colour paintings at the beginning of the 20th Century – botanic flowers and landscapes. They have Juxtaposed this romance with the sweaty sexual energy of Glaswegian house ravers from the other end of the 20th Century, studying the excessive visual geometry created by lazer lights in house clubs.

The Colour palette… for the first time is shared between womens collection and the debut mens collection, split into three colour groups; the first a rich, deep and intense palette of rich teal navy, fresh cornflower blue and hot red magenta. The second aromantic flamingo pink clashing with fleshy nudes, framed by snooker table greens and emerald forest green. They end on the powerfully free, open and stark primary colours of black, optic white, bright red, shocking yellow and cobalt blue.

This season they have collaborated… with a range of partners who are best in their fields of design and production including. Wearable art canvasses; coats, bombers, skirts and leather rucksacks hand painted by contemporary artist Tom Leamon. Shoes designed with Attribute London, debuting Teatum Jones’ first men’s shoes. Bags have been designed in collaboration with British leather accessories brand Loxley England, created in exclusive SS17 colours and bespoke hand painted white. Belts designed in collaboration with Una Burke debuting both Una’s and Teatum Jones’ first menswear accessories and the jewellery is designed in collaboration with contemporary artist Nina
De Marco.