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Since it’s debut in 1968, the PUMA Suede has become a benchmark for footwear design, and enjoyed an amazing run as a cultural artifact from one of the most progressive and historically significant eras of the twentieth century.  Made famous by athletic greats –  60’s trackstar Tommie Smith and 70’s basketball legend Walt “Clyde” Frazier, the Suede hit new levels of fame during the ’80s dawn of b-boys and hip hop beats, taking over New York City blocks.

As the times changed, the Suede went with the flow. Soon after the makeshift carton dance floors were packed away, the sneakers found its way to sticky moshpits headlined by punk acts and then on skaters pulling tricks on a half pipe. These days, you’ll see heads rocking the Suedes in their cozy sweat chinos or pin-rolled jeans and models with their off-duty looks. It’s the Suede’s timeless look and easy silhouette that appeals to sneaker enthusiasts. Some wear it for its function, the rubber outsole grips really well, and some for its style – with its plush leather upper and variations of colourways available.

This season, PUMA puts the limelight on a young roster of tastemakers currently making waves in the music and entertainment arena. Style icon and social phenomenon Kylie Jenner, snap queen and director of vibes YesJulz, hip hop’s catchiest duo Rae Sremmurd and 100% amped up rap artist Young Thug round up this amazing list of creative.

These kids don’t work 9-5, they’re on Snapchat 24-7 and the Suede is a staple in their sneaker rotation. Today they are keeping the sneaker culture interesting and alive with their unique sense of style and influence.

Seeing these young breed of tastemakers rocking the Suede gives the iconic sneaker a fresh perspective. We can only be sure that the Suede will continue to transcend cultural trends and generations in the coming years.

Kylie Jenner2  Kylie Jenner3

PUMA: What about the Suede appeals to you?
KYLIE JENNER: Its rich and vibrant colour mostly. They really have a depth of color. The deep shades don’t fade quickly and I like the laces.

PUMA: What’s your favourite colorway?
KJ: The black and white version is my favorite. I wear a lot of black!

PUMA: Why do you think the Suede has become a classic?
KJ: I think it’s the Suede’s timeless look and style – it’s always looking so fresh. They’re my go-to sneaker from my closet.

Kylie Jenner4

The PUMA Suede is available to purchase now at:

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RRP: £58