The refined mood of Jigsaw’s Spring Summer 16 collection honours the process of creating beautiful product; from the natural wonder of earthy materials, to the hands of the artisan who wields them into form.

Dividing the collection into two parts – Artisan and Nature – the Jigsaw design team has created pieces that pair and entwine. Bias-designed knits worn with Italian poplin, bark textured coats and slouchy pants to wear with ribbed tanks, and leather with linen, the latter underpinning the reinvention of a modern linen  wardrobe, with pieces made in Ireland by linen makers Baird McNutt.

Shapes are free, fluid, unrestrained and feminine; there are no straight lines  in nature. The female form is celebrated with loosely belted styles which bring attention to the waist. Apron fronted pieces are influenced by the wrap of the artisan’s pinafore.

The grain of a tree, the veins of a petal, a field of flowers, a cloud strewn sky are used to inspire prints and colour palettes; the collection is organic and  uncontrived using nature’s own combinations of colour. Seek out earthy shades of French clay, chalk, sand and terracotta, with pop-out tangerine and sky blue and spring green highlights completing the colour palette. Prints use the simple strokes of a brush or the mark makings of a tooled block. A beautiful floral print, hand-painted in Jigsaw’s design studio, is used as a magnified piece on the perfect column dress and a linear outline on silks.
Stand-out pieces include the ultimate cotton dress, leather culottes, delicate layered lace midi dress and a new take on the quintessential summer piece: the deconstructed chambray patch shirt.  Denim is kept simple in light washes and carefree styles, including a wide-leg flare jean, while plimsolls and leather mules highlight a clean aesthetic in footwear. Minimalist in design, bags are handmade in Portugal using the softest of leathers in natural, black and silver. New to Jigsaw is the ‘grab clutch’: soft, slouchy and an ultimate must-have piece.

Additionally, Jigsaw introduces ‘The Creators’, an edit of unique designers’ signature pieces celebrating craftsmanship in the modern age. Each piece has been selected personally by the design team to bring an individual touch to any look within the Jigsaw collection.
Handbags by Anna Pugh, all cut, made and finished by hand in her workshop in Hove; Jess Collet, a Notting Hill based milliner who hand produces luxury hats using traditional hat-stand techniques; and Corrie Williamson, a jeweller who uses reclaimed materials she finds herself to create graphic pieces using wood and perspex


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