Like it or loath it, the nation is secretly obsessed with shapely bottoms. Don’t believe me? Pippa Middleton. Need I say more?

You see, in my opinion, men like nothing more than a well-proportioned bottom that jiggles slightly when a woman walks. It screams femininity. The female body is a work of art and it should be treated like one. We are beautiful and we come in all shapes and sizes. Including shapely, spongey derrieres that you can sip a cup of tea from.

We know that Americans are obsessed with butts. Nicki Minaj’s video for the song ‘Anaconda’ broke the Vevo record for the most viewed video in just 24 hours. The video amassed a staggering 19.6 million views in 24 hours, which basically shows Nicki and friends jiggling their shapely bottoms in a variety of positions, with the line “My anaconda don’t want none, unless you’ve got buns hun.” blared repeatedly. The line was taken from Sir Mixalot’s track ‘Baby Got Back’. Let’s be honest. Minaj’s version was nonsense. But it just re-enforces how obsessed American culture is with the revered shapely part of the female anatomy.

From a fashion perspective, I have seen more changes in the fashion world to accommodate this. Designers are no longer creating straight clothes. They recognise that a woman may have a small waist and a pow-boom bottom. Designers such as Alexander Wang, Cavalli, Yves Saint Laurent and more started to create pieces with this in mind.

There is a difference between a shapely bottom and a big bum. Back in the day, women used to ask “Does my bum look big in this?” If it did, they would scream and change outfit. Fast forward years later, when the same question is asked, we want the person being asked to respond, “Yes it does, and it looks fabulous darling.”

Jennifer Lopez is partly responsible for making big bottoms popular and in my opinion, so has hip hop and rap music coming into the mainstream. Hip Hop artists have long been noted for rapping about le buttocks since the early 80’s. Now make no mistake, I do not condone young women shaking their semi-clad bums in music video and I detest misogynistic lyrics that tear women down. I do however think that we women should be proud of what we have and celebrate it. So, if you have a big bottom, be proud of it. Similarly, if you have a small shapely rear, celebrate that too. When you look at it closely, Pippa Middleton’s bottom is not huge. It is in actual fact very shapely and she knows how to work it.

Ultimately, that is what fashion and the body is all about. It’s about knowing what you have and working with it. So in the words of Sir Miaxalot; shake it, shake it, shake it. Shake that shapely butt, baby got back!

As your fashion stylist, here are my few tips to choose the perfect pair of jeans and create a shapelier and bigger bum:

1. Choose jeans with back pockets that fall right in the middle of your bum cheeks. The back pockets should be neither too low nor too high. Too low makes your bum looks saggy and too high will make your bum look flat.

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2. Choose light colour jeans. Dark colours are slimming so if you want to create the opposite effect, simply wear jeans in lighter colours.

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3. The final element to elongate your legs and curve your bum is a nice pair of heels. Heels change your posture. Your chest is pushed out, your midsection is curved and therefore your bum is pushed back, making it more prominent.

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