So let’s be honest for a moment here. We all love holidays mostly because of the massive sales they bring – aside from families coming together and the fabulous dinners, of course.
The key to shopping in sales, is to have a budget because, WHOA THESE PRICES- they make shopping “wisely”  pretty much a non-existent option. Pick an amount, any amount, and it’s important that you stick to it- there’s absolutely NO room to squeeze in a little more. If you need some encouragement to not overshooting, think, “Am I going to use this, like, ever?” Odds are, they’ll probably never see the light of day.
This may sound a little weird, but wear comfortable clothes. You’re going to be on your feet for hours amidst hundreds of other sale-crazed shoppers so you had prepare yourself. Those cute heels? Maybe today isn’t the best day.
It’s important that you don’t expect to find everything you want in a single store. Be prepared to have to walk a lot, look around and visit several stores. No matter what, don’t settle for the next best product unless you’ve exhausted all your other options (different stores and better bargains).
Plan your trip – the best stuff is only around on the first day, but remember that as the stocks decrease, so do the prices. That means the last day of a sale will feature jaw dropping prices. And while that’s all very good, the stock by then is very mediocre. You’ll probably find frayed sweaters and the plaid loafers that nobody wanted (which, I’ll admit, is actually pretty perfect for Christmas present shopping).
Make a list of all the things you’re hoping to buy at a sale and first check off everything on that list before you go off and splurge on those gorgeous Miu Mius. It’ll help stick to the budget and save you some SERIOUS shopper’s regret.
Aaand if all else fails, just remember, there will always be thrift shops, so you’ll get another chance.

Article written by Jyotsna Shiv Kumar. Read more about Jyotsna