To successfully launch your fashion stylist career, you need to successfully position yourself against your competitors. Your positioning is the most important element of successfully launching your business or looking for a job in fashion. When I launched my fashion stylist career I wanted to style everyone (men styling, women styling and even commercial styling) but it didn’t work. By doing so I didn’t really connect with my audience. Plus, I also stretched myself thin. I was not getting enough experience to be seen as an expert by potential clients and key influencers. However when you choose a niche market, you automatically set yourself apart and start getting noticed. I decided to focus on styling women in their 30s only. You can also choose to target a specific ethnicity: black women for example, celebrities, models only, etc. It is for you to select the experience you want to get and build a portfolio that will attract the right audience for you. Always keep your audience in mind and showcase a work they can identify to.


Ask yourself the following questions

Common Fashion Stylist Questions

What am I trying to achieve?

There are many stylists out there but this doesn’t mean there is not enough room for another fabulous one such as you. Ask yourself what you would like to achieve as a stylist, this is your uniqueness. Remain aware of your weaknesses & strengths but also your possible market opportunities and threats for you. This is called the SWOT analysis. It just sounds harder than it is.  You must evaluate this. For example, body confidence has grown among curvaceous women. So you could be a fashion stylist offering specific styling services for these beautiful women.


Who’s my audience?

It is essential for you to know what your audience wants and needs. When you are aware of it, you can then offer a service that they cannot refuse and would continuously purchase. For example, I used to include lunch with my personal shopping service. Women loved the idea of feeling they are shopping with a friend.


Fashion Audience

What am I trying to sell?

When you have a clear understanding of your positioning, your audience, your unique selling point you can then create services that correspond to your audience or present a CV that appeals to the brands you want to work for. For example: If you want to work with rich women who come from Dubai to London, you can create a luxurious personal shopping service with chauffeur, assistants to carry shopping bags and look after children as well. The target, the position and the audience are clearly identified and match the services offered.



  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify your market opportunities and threats
  • Choose a niche and offer services that correspond to this audience
  • When you have gained enough experience in one niche market, you can then expand to more markets