To become a great fashion stylist you must remain aware of the latest fashion trends in New York, Paris, London, and Milan. They are the most influential fashion capitals. It’s important as it give you the confidence to talk with your clients and partners about the next Spring/Summer fashion trends in Paris or the next Autumn/Winter fashion trends in London. Fashion trends are great source of inspiration especially when you want create looks for individual clients or for commercial projects.

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Keeping yourself up to date with fashion trends means being aware of:

  • New rising designers & fashion bloggers
  • Upcoming fashion collections from established designers
  • Haute couture & High street collections
  • Spring/Summer trends and collections
  • Autumn/Winter trends and collections
  • Makeup trends
  • Hairstyle trends
  • Accessory trends
  • Shoe trends


Where can you get information on fashion trends?

Fashion magazines (online or hard copy): Vogue, InStyle, Glamour, Marie Claire, etc.
Vogue is the fashion bible; you need to have a subscription to it to start with. If you can’t afford their subscription fee then simply subscribe to their newsletter and visit their website as often as you can. They always have some fabulous articles on fashion brands, celebrities and trends of course. If you are working with a more specific clientele, black women for example, worth subscription to black fashion magazines.

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Attend fashion events.
Attending fashion events is an excellent way to discover new collections, mingle with people in the fashion industry and build your contact list.

Fashion Training - Online Fashion Stylist Course

Follow other fashion stylists and bloggers.
The most popular fashion bloggers are popular for a reason. Their content is original, fresh and about fashion. Keep an eye on what they are talking about and what they are up to. I don’t advise to copy their work but use it to inspire you to do something different and better. Be original and come up with your own ideas as this will set you apart.


Fashion Training - Online Fashion Stylist Course

How to use fashion trends to your advantage?
Transform fashion trends into wearable styles
Remember your target audience when communicating on trends. For example if another stylist is talking about the best pieces of Victoria Beckham’s collection why not do an editorial piece on the high street products under £50 inspired by Victoria Beckham’s collection. If you are targeting the working class women then this article will appeal to your audience rather than talking about brands they will never be able to afford. Don’t lose your audience’s interest.

Fashion Training - Online Fashion Stylist Course

To summarise

  • Subscribe to fashion magazines – Online or Hardcopy
  • Attend major fashion events
  • Transform haute couture trends into wearable trends
  • Remember your target audience when communicating on fashion trends