Are you looking for the best fashion courses online? You’ve found them! 3 Colours Rule provides styling courses, opportunities to work with great brands and business support. Launch your fashion career today and become a successful stylist. In this post you will find what you need to know on how to start getting paid.

The best way to start getting paid is with a website/blog that allows you take online payment. It is very easy to set a PayPal account. Showcase all the work that you have accomplished. The first page should have:

  • Your clients
  • Brands you worked with
  • Your portfolio
  • Your services

When you set your fees, compare it with your competitors but it should correspond to your position. If you are targeting a luxurious clientele, your fees can’t be low as they expect this service to not be accessible to everyone. It’s all about the prestige.

Who will be buying your services?

The best way to get people to sign up to your services is by adding values which will be perceived as a bonus for your client but doesn’t cost you much. When women sign up to one of my services I offer as an extra a personalised styling book, something that my competition doesn’t do.

Don’t forget to offer short term promotional offers. The short term promotional offers are here to get as many people as possible to sign up within a short time. 50% until Friday. 3 for 2 until the end of the month.

Production and advertising companies are consistently looking for fashion stylists like you.


  • Offer an online payment option
  • Offer short term offers with added value
  • Showcase your expertise and services on the homepage
  • Set prices that correspond to your target audience
  • Offer additional add-ons that do not cost you anything extra. E.g. Free book It’s a great added value
  • Offer short promotional offers


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