On 3 Colours Rule blog, you will find fashion and business tips. Visit our website know everything about the latest trends and how to successfully launch your fashion career. 3 Colours rule is a fashion training academy online and helps you to become a fashion stylist or blogger. If you want to find out more about our fashion courses, contact us. In this post, you will discover how to get more work experience in the field you love.

Getting work experience is an important part of becoming successful and getting paid for what you want. The best way to do it is to look for people who established themselves in the market: experienced fashion stylists, photographers, etc. Don’t hesitate to be persistent if you don’t get the answer you want to hear first time. It could have been the wrong time.

Look for job shadowing or an internship

These methods are great ways to learn from experts who have years of experience and get noticed. As we know, internships can sometimes lead to paid jobs. It is easier to stay in when you already have a foot inside. Look for the best fashion stylists/fashion brands in your area and ask them if you can be their assistant. If they have time and you can also assist them, they are most likely to say yes.

Build your network.

Networking with peers in your industry is crucial to help you create good relationships with influential people who can support you when necessary. Go out there and talk to as many people as possible, both in-person and online. Plus networking also allows you to exchange ideas, advice, point of views and perspectives.

Use social platforms to follow the industry leaders and locate people in your field. Networking helps you getting into the fashion inside circle.


Join fashion groups

Look for fashion groups to build your network and discover work opportunities.

Work experience through casting

Register on casting website and think about offering your services at discounted prices or introductory offers to start with. Look for work where you can assist experienced fashion stylists.


Reach out to your audience

Communicate with your audience. Send out FREE styling prize competition. This is a good way to build your database with people who are interested in your business.  They can then become your potential customers.


  • Register to casting websites as they always need stylists
  • Offer your services to any industries that require the service of a stylist such as production companies
  • Ask for internships with stylists who are already established
  • Ask for styling assistant roles. A spare of hands is always useful
  • Choose a mentor who can support you and motivate you. It doesn’t need to be in the fashion industry.
  • Run competition to style women so you can add visuals of your work to your portfolio
  • Offer introductory offers or discounts