Get Interviewed

There is nothing more exciting than telling your story to hundreds of readers who can be inspired by you. Rather than selling your business, focus on your personality and what is different about you, your journey and the challenges you had to overcome. Focus on what would be a great story when your write your press release or prepare for an interview and you should do well.

Public speaking

If you don’t have stage fright and love face to face interactions, this is a perfect method to build relationships and attract new potential clients. Ask fashion event organisers if they will be interested in having you speak on fashion or share fashion tips on new trends for example. People love fashion so let your personality shine out and be different.

Get tweeting

Twitter is excellent to announce yourself and start getting the word out about their launch. Follow relevant people: journalists, brands, partners, clients, friends, etc.

Fashion is the most versatile environment. Show your versatility through your daily life. Use Instagram to take photos of the outfits you wear, beautiful sceneries, photos of stylish people etc

Connect with journalists

If you are planning a launch fashion party alone or with a fashion partner, don’t forget to send invites to key fashion journalists with a press release or nicely designed invitations.


Show your expertise as much as you can.  Doing your own PR is about creating stories the press will crave to publish. So be as original as you can ever be. Do something that no one else has done.

  • Share original stories that will attract the attention of the press
  • Use Instagram and take original photos
  • Show your expertise by writing articles on your website/blog regularly
  • Look for guest blogging so you can reach a bigger audience
  • Showcase your work and life experience subtly
  • Use social networking sites:
    • Twitter to interact with your followers, press and partners
    • Facebook to interact with your fans
    • Pinterest to post photos and share creative content
    • YouTube to create tutorial videos
    • Network with key players who share the same target audience in order to create strong alliances