Who we are


At 3 Colours Rule, we believe we can make a positive impact on people by developing human brands with a purpose. Since 2008, we’ve embarked on a journey of passion with clients who trusted us to make their brands our next work of heart.  3 Colours Rule is a multilingual creative branding agency based in London. 3 Colours Rule was born out of a burning desire to help businesses achieve their full potential. This mission allowed us to grow healthy with clients around the world.

We provide creative brand strategy, brand design and brand campaign development activities. We also use our expertise in neuromarketing and colourology expertise to develop brands that are current and appeal to the market. Click here to get copy of our E-Book on how to improve your brand value and attract your ideal clients




Why choose 3 Colours Rule

  • Work with experts and align your brand with the upcoming trends
  • Improve your brand image and increase your turnover by standing and attracting your ideal customers.
  • Save time & money will all aspects of your brand identity by working with marketing experts, design experts, and brand experts. Your brand is centrally managed to ensure brand consistency and synergy.
  • Conquer existing market and expand into new ones
  • Improve your client loyalty and increase conversion rate
  • Enhance your brand positioning and be distinctive
  • Refresh the current look and remind customers of your values




Our business approach

  • Creative mastermind. We think outside the box to develop unique brands and projects that create engagement.
  • Fast & efficient. We understand the value of your investment hence we promise, we deliver, on time.
  • Reliable and responsive. We work by your side so that we are always within your reach.
  • Solutions minded. Our solution oriented focus helps brands achieve more in less time.
  • Strong time managers.  We aim to move your project along swiftly so your business can see results.
  • We operate on complete price transparency to help you manage your budget effectively.





We are passionate about brand success. We also offer a brand review which consists of evaluating if your business & marketing strategy is in correlation with your brand identity. Then the brainstorming session consists of discussing ideas for your next brand project. We will then offer a few strategic suggestions to improve the brand value of your business. info@3coloursrule.com or 020 3617 8706


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We are grateful for the success of 3 Colours Rule and being able to give is for us a honour. We are proud to support and donate to these amazing charities: The NSPCC,  Water Aid,  Amnesty, Cancer Research and The Drifting Angels in Ghana.


3 Colours Rule Charity

Flavilla, friends and the Drifting Angels in Ghana

The highlight of my trip to Ghana was to come back to the Drifting Angels’ Orphanage. I’m grateful for having a second chance to spend some time with these amazing children full of life. They reminded me that we don’t need much to be happy. So don’t drift away from your Happiness.
Flavilla Fongang