Digital disruption. How can businesses best prepare for it?
July 23, 2016
Digital disruption. How can businesses best prepare for it?
July 23, 2016
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How to maximise client conversion during exhibition events

How to maximise client conversion during exhibition eventsLondon Creative Branding & Design Agency – 3 Colours Rule is a creative branding and design agency based in London, working predominantly in fashion and luxury sectors. We work with SMEs and international corporations to engage their audience and attract prospects. Our team of designers, developers, copywriters, marketing consultants, brand experts provide bespoke creative branding, marketing & business consultancy, brand experience and graphic design. From your brief to the launch, we help you build distinctive, effective and creative branding solutions to stand out from your competition. Contact 3 Colours Rule, your creative agency in London for a complimentary brand review or bespoke quote.  


Exhibition events generate a loud, colourful, bustling magnetic space, that not only attracts by-passers, but people that have an actual interest, who have carried out their research and are ready to purchase.  To add to this, press attention and the power of word of mouth are projected with the opportunity to introduce new business, products and to carry out live demonstrations in front of a huge audience. The combination of this and social media can really create a buzz and need for your product or service among the public.   Most importantly, it is one of the only ways that you are able to have a face to face interaction with customers, prospects, business owners and key figures within your industry, and offers the opportunity to build and strengthen relationships, present your products and services, with the bonus addition of carrying out market research about the needs of your customers.  Below are a few points to maximise client conversation during exhibition events.

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As an exhibitor you will be supplied with an exhibitor manual, ensure that you take the points within the manual into serious consideration when planning, designing your stand. By creating a plan with set objectives and deadlines, you can ensure that your stand represents your brand the way in which you want clients to perceive it. To add to this, ensure that you prepare your marketing messages which you should distribute using a range of marketing techniques like direct email, newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram before the event . Consistency between these messages and your stand not only ensures that you are communicating clearly and directly with the visitors, but that you are drawing more people to your stand.


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Build rapport:

Exhibition events give you access to some of the key people in your industry, giving you the opportunity to inform them about your business face to face. By creating an elevator pitch ; a 30 second pitch where you inform the client about who you are and what your business is about, you can ensure that each client leaves with a an awareness of your brand, its services, products and what it stands for. It also offers the opportunity to build rapport with each client, by asking them about their views and opinions about your brand, thus enabling you to also carry out market research.

Also, with the collection of exhibitors be sure to talk to everyone there, taking time to learn about their business, and remember to take their business card.  You can use the exhibition as   live research session, where you are able to get instant feedback and opinions on your brand, sales pitch, products and marketing materials from people within the same industry as you.


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Follow up:

Ensure that you follow up the leads and people that you have spoken to,   most events include a data scanner that keep track of who visited the event , with this data being provided to your business after the event is done. An easy way to follow up any type of lead. By staying in touch with these people, you keep your business in the front of their minds – this increases the potential of converting these leads into actual sales.

You can keep in touch by sending personal emails to people, rather than group messages to everyone you met, invite them to respond and to stay in touch with you. Many sales can be completed at the event, but some take months or even years to come in. By staying in touch on a regular basis, you are able maximise the opportunity of long-term return from the event, collaborations and partnerships.


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