Crowne Plaza Kensington
May 21, 2016
Crowne Plaza Kensington
May 21, 2016
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Jennifer Anne

3 Colours Rule, we are a London creative branding agency with a track record of success in developing existing brands and creating successfully new brands.  Business is personal and we only work with business individuals we believe in so we can support their success and build long-term relationships. 3 Colours Rule team was pleased to be the chosen London creative branding agency for the brand creation of  Jennifer Anne. Jennifer Anne, the fashion brand for elegant & classic petite women. 3 Colours Rule extensive background in the fashion sector become the perfect choice.



  • Multiple press coverage
  • Brand constantly growing its audience
  • Jennifer Anne collection has been seen on various TV petite celebrities and fashion bloggers
  • Jennifer Anne planning to launch the next collection



What did 3 Colours Rule do for Jennifer Anne?



  1. Develop a winning brand strategy to attract the ideal customers and the press
  2. Create a classic & elegant brand to distinguish it, therefore, demonstrate the superiority of this British fashion brand
  3. Develop a brand campaign strategy to engage with audience


Brand Strategy

Jennifer Anne strategy was focused on empowering petite women through the universe of Jennifer Anne. Jennifer Anne is a classic, elegant, educated woman who embraces her height with confidence. The Jennifer Anne brand is for the petite women who want to feel confident in the boardroom, dinner date or casual meet-ups with friends. The brand identity needed to therefore aligned with this strategy.


Brand design

For the brand identity of Jennifer Anne, we chose to create a simple and elegant logo. The symbol of Jennifer Anne brand has been designed in such way that it can be transformed into a jewellery piece, a pendant for example. In fashion, black is a must as it this neutral colour never gets out fashion. The font chosen is semi-classic and semi-modern to align with the modern classic women the Jennifer Anne is targeting.





Brand campaign development

Part of the brand campaign strategy of Jennifer was to actively participate in brand event experiences to reach potential customers. The Jennifer Anne brand has been involved in numerous private business events for women and fashion exhibitions.


Some press coverage & celebrities wearing the Jennifer-Anne brand


3 Colours Rule
3 Colours Rule
3 Colours Rule is a fast, efficient and reliable branding & fashion agency. Our mission is to help businesses and individuals unleash their full potential. What makes us unique is our ability to use our decade of fashion expertise and style insights to create or develop brands, in any sector, that are current and appeal to the market. We also use our fashion knowledge to train individuals and run fantastic brand experience events. Contact us and find out how we can help you.

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