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October 24, 2016
North Light Solutions
October 24, 2016
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Clarus Fortior

3 Colours Rule, we are a London creative branding agency with a track record of success in developing existing brands and creating successfully new brands.  Business is personal and we only work with business individuals we believe in so we can support their success and build long-term relationships. 3 Colours Rule team was pleased to be the chosen London creative branding agency for the brand creation of an innovative business growth consultancy.



Within 6 months of launch, our client has successfully attracted their ideal prospects and overachieved their business goals by launching not one but two business boards of directors in London. They have also secured new partnerships to expand their brand across the UK. Most importantly, they have successfully helped their members grow their business opportunities by supporting them through business strategy and business opportunities within their network.

Clarus Fortior Founders: Grant Goss & Kevin Ronaldson running their first business director board session at HSBC at Canary Wharf Headquarter


How did 3 Colours Rule turn Clarus Fortior into its next work of heart?


The requirements of Clarus Fortior:

  1. Creation of a powerful brand that demonstrates brand superiority and attracts the ideal targeted audience to the business
  2. Articulate effectively through copywriting the strategy and benefits of the brand
  3. Creation of a professional brand identity that aligns with the strategy of the brand
  4. Creation of a website designed & developed as a marketing tool that generates leads
  5. Creation of marketing collaterals that align with the brand to promote the business


The 3 Colours Rule Brand Strategy

Keeping the definition of ‘Clarus’ and ‘Fortior’ as the foundation, which in Latin mean ‘clarity’ and ‘stronger’ respectively, we developed the brand values and tagline as ‘knowledge’, ‘expertise’ and ‘relevance’. We also kept in mind that the brand name is also its superiority and that it provides its clients with the clarity they need to run a successful strategy. The brand works in a network that supports each other to grow stronger with clear cut strategies. 3 Colours Rule outlined the brand by creating its name, strapline and copywritten content to distinguish it from the rest.




The 3 Colours Rule Brand Design

The logo represents two objects, one, a jewel, a symbol of wealth to communicate prestige and two, an eye, a symbol of care and protection the company has towards its clients. The colour purple communicates prestige, and royalty because of its historic association with the Kings and Queens. The font compliments the colour and represents the brand’s high-quality services and values. The website has been designed strategically to also act as a marketing tool that communicates through texts and images with the prospects, the key benefits of their services and brand experience while strengthening their trust enough to communicate with the brand.


The business cards have been designed on the three-layer cards to capture the ‘luxury’ essence of the brand. This communicates the brand persona of Clarus Fortior with its business and client prospects.


Would you like to be our next work of heart?

Contact us to find out today to find out if we are the perfect creative branding agency for you and if we can help you or 020 3617 8706


3 Colours Rule
3 Colours Rule
3 Colours Rule is a fast, efficient and reliable branding & fashion agency. Our mission is to help businesses and individuals unleash their full potential. What makes us unique is our ability to use our decade of fashion expertise and style insights to create or develop brands, in any sector, that are current and appeal to the market. We also use our fashion knowledge to train individuals and run fantastic brand experience events. Contact us and find out how we can help you.

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