Let your brand be our next work of heart


3 Colours Rule is the creative branding agency with a track record of success in developing existing brands and creating successfully new brands. Having established our experience and build our skills working with international brands, we now help micro-enterprises and SMEs to develop their brand effectively and creatively. To demonstrate the market superiority of our clients, we apply an innovative brand strategy with integrated marketing, colourology, brand design expertise and engaging brand development campaigns. We go beyond what is expected to ensure the success of our clients. We utilise our army of experts in various fields and a network of influencers to support the success of our clients even after the project is completed. We have also developed 3 Colours Rule™ branding concept. Find out how your brand can be our next work of heart.  See some of our work below.


To maximise the success of a brand, we do: 

  • Brand Strategy: We define your unique value proposition to attract your ideal prospects and improve your business value
  • Brand Design: We align your brand presentation with your brand strategy to reinforce the distinction of your business
  • Brand development:  We engage your prospects through creative activities to improve your client conversion

Our work

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

  • Research and analysis
  • Brand concept
  • Strategy implementation
  • Brand campaign and integration
  • Brand story development

Brand Colourology & Design

Brand Colourology & Design

  • Name, logo, colour, typography
  • Website design & development
  • Artwork: illustration, photography
  • Packaging & packshot
  • Video: interview, stop motion & animation
  • Brochure, flyer, business card

Brand Development

Brand Development

  • Advertising campaign
  • Brand digital launch campaign
  • Brand marketing campaign
  • Social media campaign
  • PR campaign
  • Brand experience event



Helping you achieve your business goals is important to us. Our analysis approach is unorthodox and allows us to evaluate your business and market from a different angle. Contact us today to get your brand audit and discover the opportunities you have been missing out value. info@3coloursrule.com or 020 3617 8706


Some of our clients

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Our favourite testimonials

House of Fraser – Olivia Cavill – “Thank you so much! It has been a pleasure working with 3 Colours Rule and I hope that we have the chance to do so again in the future.”

Suzuki – Sophia Evans – “Thanks guys. The Suzuki team enjoyed working with 3 Colours Rule. Thank you for making it all happen.”

Joseph – Sumru Mehmet – “It was an absolute pleasure to work with them. Their enthusiasm and energy allow you to experiment with colours you would never dream of wearing. Their knowledge of current trends is outstanding and on a personal level they are very understanding of your wants and needs and wastes no time resolving your issues. Their professionalism and personality won everyone over and we will most definitely be working with 3 Colours Rule again.”

NHS Royal Brompton Hospital – Rosemarie Ferguson – “Thanks very much for supporting put together a successful event.”

Pandora – Elizabeth Hart – “Thank you for doing so much more than what was expected. Can’t be happier”

Accenture –  Inès Otsetsui – “Really talented, passionate, professional and creative team. They go out of their way to ensure that her clients receive the best possible service. They have an exceptional way to listen people and propose adapted solution. They are skillful and have amazing ideas to brand businesses effectively. That’s why they are so special and unique.”