PriVida Energy
April 14, 2016
PriVida Energy
April 14, 2016
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3 Colours Rule is a creative branding agency and helps businesses showcase effectively and creatively the uniqueness of their brand to drive more success. 3 Colours Rule was chosen by boxfusion to work on the production of their first 2D video animation.


boxfusion is a  leading technology consultancy with  extensive expertise and a proven track record of delivering winning projects for clients in a number of industries and countries. Their focus is entirely on Oracle products, ensuring that when you work with us you get real experts.


Company goals: Promote the key benefits when choosing the Oracle Service Cloud technology, which are:

  • Multi-language platform
  • Self-service
  • Feedback collection in real time


Our challenges:

  • Complete video project before the start of Euro 2016
  • Create a professional one minute video with a limited budget.


Skills used for this project:

  • Project management
  • Video animation


Aldona Limani – Head of Marketing at boxfusion: “Thank you for your hard work with producing the video, and for ensuring all small details were taken care of. You and the team grasped the objectives quickly and we appreciated the regular communications and quick turnaround times.”



3 Colours Rule
3 Colours Rule
3 Colours Rule is a fast, efficient and reliable branding & fashion agency. Our mission is to help businesses and individuals unleash their full potential. What makes us unique is our ability to use our decade of fashion expertise and style insights to create or develop brands, in any sector, that are current and appeal to the market. We also use our fashion knowledge to train individuals and run fantastic brand experience events. Contact us and find out how we can help you.

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