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Jack Daniel’s success story: part 3
March 7, 2017
Jack Daniel's
Jack Daniel’s success story: part 3
March 7, 2017
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How did ASOS become the biggest online fashion store?

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The success of the online-only retailer ASOS was fast and unexpected. Launch in 2000, the brand is now one of the UK’s biggest e-commerce success stories of the 21st century. According to these figures in 2016, ASOS has attracted 3.7 million customers and 5.4 million overseas. The brand target the young people in the city, who like shopping and fashion, and use social media platforms.

How has ASOS become one of the UK success stories?


Like Amazon, ASOS is now available to customers around the world. The free worldwide shipping has played part in ASOS’s recent success. The brand is available in 234 countries, the website is translated in several languages, to allow a worldwide use. Wherever people are, and whatever people are using, ASOS is accessible.
The ASOS website is designed to show very quickly to their customers’ new outfits and mood boards that highlight the latest trends, styles and colours for inspiration.

Product range and presentation

The customer reach is wide, due to 850 different brands. The prices also vary from luxury to affordable ranges. So, price sensitive people can always find affordable trendy styles. ASOS was also one of the first to include videos for all their product presentations which allow customers to feel reassure about an item and reduce customer return.


Social Media

What differentiate ASOS from their competitors is their huge presence on social media:

  • YouTube: 75,000 subscribers and over 1,000 videos
  • Instagram: 5,8 million followers and over 6000 publications
  • Facebook: 4,6 million followers
  • Twitter: Over 1 million followers

ASOS social media strategy is to be exactly what it should be: social

On ASOS social media accounts, customers & prospects can find visual content: photos and videos of the team and their models. They always publish relevant content about fashion and trends. ASOS stay close to their customers, presenting current fashion trends selected by the ASOS stylists and fashion bloggers.

They use their magazine to also present stylishly and creatively products that they sell. On Facebook, they promote new ranges and sales, through direct traffic from their blog and online magazine.


To be closer to their customers, they have launched different campaigns. On Instagram, a recruitment session to find influencers for their social network. For example, the #AccessAllASOS campaign generated, after 3 months,  more than 7,500 positives mentions in Instagram with around 770 influencers selected by the brand. On Facebook, the #AsSeenOnMe campaign, the customer had to take a picture of themselves with ASOS clothes. The winners had the opportunity of being featured in a gallery on the website. This is how the retailer uses their visual commerce platform to showcase their loyal fans.

Lastly, the brand has found a new way to broadcast their products by creating a podcast named “Big Ideas”.



ASOS’s success can teach you to invest in your digital innovation, value your customers and engage your team.



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